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We've kicked off the American Heart Association Kids Heart Challenge!

Today Park Brook kicked off the American Heart Association's Kids Heart Challenge. There are three heart-healthy things we are encouraging students to do during this challenge: drink more water, get more physical activity, and be kind to others.  

Students received a packet with information about the Kids Heart Challenge. If you choose to participate, the challenge and packets should be completed by March 26. 

There are some exciting prizes: If we reach 30 students participating in the challenge, Mr. Nelson will get a pie in the face! If 40 participate, Ms. Johnson (our physical education teacher) will join him. If 50 students participate in the challenge, Mr. Taylor will get a pie in the face, as well!

While students are welcome to financially support the American Heart Association, we will emphasize the healthy behaviors described here. Let's take the challenge, Wolves!

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