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Pick up a coat, hat and winter gloves at conferences on Sept. 20, 23 & 28

These fall days are warm, but we are already preparing for the first fun-filled snowfall! Coats, hats and winter gloves will be available at conferences on Sept. 20, 23 and 28 for Park Brook students only. Coats are $3.00.

Park Brook staff will write your student's name inside their coat so that it can easily be returned if it is lost at school. Please encourage your student to keep track of their winter items; students enjoy going outside for recess unless the weather is colder than -5 degrees, and we want all of our Wolves to be dressed appropriately for cold temperatures. We will not have enough extra coats, hats and gloves to give to all students who forget their own. 

We look forward to seeing you at conferences on Sept. 20, 23 and 28!