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Math Facts

Math Facts

Beginning in kindergarten, students are learning to think mathematically and understand how to solve problems.  Our goal is to have students have the ability to look at a problem and have the skills to think about the problem and different means to find a solution.

At the same time, students need to have math facts memorized so that they can use the math facts to think through problems.

Students in grades three, four and five will be working each month to increase the number of math facts they can answer on a two-minute timed test.  The goal is for growth, not to be the fastest, but for each student to increase their own score.  The two-minute timed test contains only single-digit by single-digit multiplication facts. Third grade students will begin with addition/subtraction tests and then move to multiplication tests.

Students in grade two will be working on the speed of the addition and subtraction facts, while first grade will work strictly on the speed of their addition facts but will not take timed tests until later in the year.
The purpose of encouraging students to memorize these facts is to give them tools to use when thinking through mathematical problems.

This year during the monthly character assemblies, students will be recognized for their work on this building goal.