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Learning is a school/family partnership

Significant academic growth for all students is the expectation at Park Brook.  

In order to increase academic growth, we have a system of interventions to work with students at all academic levels. Interventions are designed to bring students to grade level, and for students who are currently above grade level, systems are in place to increase academic growth for them as well. While we can support your student at school, you are able to support them at home, and it is this partnership that helps our students succeed.

Four ways you can support your child's learning  

Homework can be thought of as essential to increasing academic growth (and, of course, we encourage you to work on it with your student!) However, the four specific items listed on Mr. Taylor's website actually rank higher than homework, according to research, and truthfully can be much more enjoyable for families!

In addition, Park Brook's before- and after-school and weekend activities are designed to increase academic growth. All students, but particularly students in grades 1-5, are encouraged to join at least one activity during the school year.

Looking for more ways to support your student? Email your student's teacher or Mr. Taylor.