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Fifth grade celebrations – class of 2031

Fifth grade celebrations – class of 2031

Fifth grade is the end of elementary school, but a steppingstone in the academic journey for students.

Students will celebrate this steppingstone in the following ways:

Wirth Park: May 28 and May 30, fifth grade students will spend time in Wirth Park with The Loppet Foundation learning to canoe, mountain bike, and other outdoor activities. The students will eat breakfast at school, have a hearty snack at Wirth Park, and then come back to the school for a BBQ lunch in Hartkopf Park.

Formal Breakfast:  The Formal Breakfast is on June 5. This is a time for students to enjoy breakfast together. (Parents/guardians are not a part of this event.) The students will be served breakfast and eat in small groups with staff. There is a guided discussion towards the end for students to think about their future, dream about hobbies, goals, places to travel to, careers, and so on.

Commemoration:  This ceremony on June 5th is for students to enjoy, be recognized, and celebrate with adults in their lives this steppingstone. This time will include a ceremony, slide show, and time to visit following the ceremony.

  • Parents/guardians are welcome to park in the bus circle but must leave by 2:55 p.m. so buses can enter for dismissal.
  • Siblings who attend Park Brook will NOT come to the ceremony.  This is a time for adults to celebrate with the fifth-grade students.  Younger siblings will remain in their classes. Also, siblings attending middle and high school should remain in school.
  • Students are welcome to dress up, but it is their choice. Some students enjoy dressing up, and others feel more comfortable wearing what they would normally wear to school.

Tree Planting:  At Park Brook on the last day of school each fifth-grade class plants a tree to commemorate their years in elementary school. The trees can be identified around the campus with signs and the year the students graduate from high school.