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February PTO meeting recap

Did you miss February's PTO meeting? Here's what you need to know! Many of the topics that were discussed were suggested in our recent Family Listening Sessions. 

Student planners

Park Brook’s Mrs. J. shared some of the features of school planners that our Wolves use in grades 3, 4 and 5.

  • The planners are organized by week and include a space for each subject.
  • A special zone on the right side of the page holds each week’s spelling list.
  • Most teachers dedicate time in the school day to assisting students as they write important information in their planners.
  • By using planners, students have a chance to review their daily learning and plan ahead for the week.
  • Parent signatures are requested and/or required in some classrooms to ensure that families have reviewed their Wolf's planner. Working through the planner together gives families and students an opportunity to connect, have conversations about school, and take a more active role in learning that will become a lifelong skill.
A student planner with two orange pencils sitting on top

Helping your student prepare to learn

Another point of information from our Listening Session discussion was homework. Completing tasks and assignments at home took on a new level of importance this school year. However, we want families to know that there are four things they can do at home to support student learning that are even more important than homework. *Gasp*—we know, shocking!

  • Read with or to your students. Read in English or in your home language. Reading builds vocabulary and so many other important learning skills for your child.
  • Sleep. Getting enough sleep and rest is important to make sure students are ready to learn each day at school. Children ages six to 12 need between nine and 11 hours of sleep each night. Help your students get to bed without devices so they sleep well and are ready to learn.
  • Eat together. Dinnertime is a great chance to catch up on all the learning your students are doing each day. Work schedules are difficult, but taking time to re-connect as a family helps show your support.
  • Get 60 minutes of active playtime (exercise) each day. Be active, get outside and get oxygen to your body and your brain. Studies show that this helps students focus and learn better when they are with us each day.

A recording of portions of this PTO meeting are available here. We will meet again in March to share more of what is happening here at Park Brook and how families can connect with our school and their children’s learning. We look forward to connecting with you!