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The C-Lab is a laboratory for creativity! Students at Park Brook have the opportunity to sign-up to go to the C-Lab every few weeks during recess. The purpose is to allow students to be creative and use their imagination.

The C-lab has a lot of donated treasures and donations are always welcome. The treasures consist of boxes, buttons, toilet paper rolls, and much more. Donations can be brought to the school office.

Students create all sorts of things using their imagination with no right or wrong, simply their imagination.

The C-Lab is part of Talented and Gifted Education, and at Park Brook, all students have the opportunity to participate in parts of Talented and Gifted Education Programming.

It is essential for students to use their entire brain, not just focus on reading and math, but develop their entire brain. When students use their entire brain, it greatly helps with all academic areas.

During much of the school year, the C-Lab is inside, however, during the coldest winter months the students have great fun creating when the C-Lab is moved to the courtyard.

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