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After School Double Dutch Class

After School Double Dutch Class

Over forty students are participating in the After School Double Dutch Class. Some students are perfecting their skills and learning new tricks while others are just beginning to learn the challenging skill of Double Dutch. The Double Dutch Team began the week of November 14 and will meet twice a week through early spring. The Double Dutch Team is sponsored by the American Heart Association and will travel throughout the Twin Cities to kick off the American Heart Association's Kids Heart Challenge.

The students contribute to the community by kicking off the Kids Heart Challenge, which encourages them to take care of their physical heart and raises money to support the American Heart Association.

The Double Dutch Team increases academic growth by increasing fitness levels and movement, a research-proven method to increase academic growth.

In addition to traveling, the students will have at least one performance at Park Brook Elementary in early spring. The performance includes Double Dutch and tricks with both individuals and groups in a single rope.