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Academic growth for every student

Teachers at Park Brook Elementary review the academic progress of every student. Our purpose is to ensure that every student, no matter what their beginning level is, makes significant academic progress throughout the year. The goal of instruction at Park Brook is not just to bring students to grade level standards, but to increase academic growth for every student while striving to have each student reach or exceed grade-level standards.

Interventions are implemented to provide additional supports for students. However, during core instructional time in the classroom, teachers adjust instruction to meet the needs of the students.  Teachers monitor gaps that individual students may have and determine what skills the entire class needs to be successful with grade-level standards. Formal interventions may be implemented; however, teachers are working with individual and small-groups within the classroom to meet their academic needs, in addition to whole-group instruction.

The following list of interventions is not all-encompassing, but rather gives an overview of a few of the methods incorporated at Park Brook to meet the needs of every student.

  • Pre-teaching model in math: Students who are not demonstrating grade-level work on assessments participate in a pre-teaching intervention to learn skills that are necessary to complete grade-level math standards. The grade-level curriculum is taught at the same speed and with the same standards, but they receive pre-teaching to ensure that they can meet the standard. The students are in a small group math class with additional teacher support, but always maintain the same pace as the rest of the grade level.
    • If students are significantly behind in math, additional interventions are implemented to fill in gaps while striving to bring students to grade-level standards.
  • Guided Reading Group with TAG Teacher: In grades K – 3 the TAG teacher teaches the guided reading group for students reading above grade level to ensure that they continue to move ahead.  While this benefits the students above grade level, it also benefits all students as all students receive additional support when additional teachers work in the classroom. One consistent teacher teaches the guided reading leveled group.
  • C-Lab:  The C-Lab is a place for students to create and learn in a different way.  This is actually a part of TAG programming, but at Park Brook this is available to all students, and all students are encouraged to participate. The C-Lab is open during recess. Students have the opportunity to participate every few weeks in the C-Lab. Academic growth increases when students are creative and think and create on their own. 
    • During the coldest winter months, the C-Lab moves outdoors to give students an opportunity to create with ice!
  • Reading Interventions
    • Minnesota Reading Corps, K-3: The MN Reading Corps is designed for students in grades K-3 who are just under proficiency. The purpose is to give students the boost that they need to bring them to proficiency. Mrs. Keniston has been a tutor with the MN Reading Corps at Park Brook for a number of years and the data indicates significant growth with the interventions she is implementing.
    • Small group and individual interventions: Classroom teachers review data throughout the school year to determine if students are making growth and additional small-group or individual interventions that may be needed to bring students up to grade level.
    • Assessments and teacher observation are used to determine if students need interventions focusing on phonemic awareness, comprehension, fluency, and so on. Interventions are designed for the specific needs of the students.
  • Fitness Interventions:  The Focus on Fitness initiative is designed to increase learning for all students at all academic levels.
    • Students who need additional assistance with focusing may participate in additional Brain Boosts in addition to Brain Boosts in the classroom. These are structured and at a consistent time each day to assist students with focusing during instruction.
    • Stability Seats are used in classrooms to increase focus during instruction.
    • Before- and after-school fitness programming is intentionally designed to increase academic growth and positive behaviors for all students.

A well-rounded education is essential for students at Park Brook. While math and reading are essential, if students are not participating in science, music, social studies, physical education, and other classes their academic growth in math and reading does not progress as it should. While academic interventions are in place, students will be participating in all content areas.

Interventions at Park Brook are funded through Title I, compensatory funds, general education funds, MN Reading Corps, Targeted Services funds (before/after school programming), and grants from the State of Minnesota. Interventions in place as well as current academic performance is shared with parents at conferences, on report cards, and may be communicated at other times as well. For some intervention groups parents/guardians will be notified through a letter or phone call to meet the requirements of the funding source. Parents/guardians will be kept informed of progress at conferences and through report cards, and at the same time teachers will be working to implement and adjust to instruction to increase academic growth for every student. Please feel welcome to reach out to your child’s teacher or to Mr. Taylor if you have questions.

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