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5-Ways to Help Your Child Prepare for the School Day

While homework is sometimes thought of as a terrific way to increase academic growth, it isn't the only way. Research shows that these five strategies can help increase academic growth, more effectively than homework.

1. Read

Students should read or be read to every day to increase their reading skills. Reading to a child is just as valuable as having your child read to themselves. Learn more about reading.

2. 60 Minutes of Moderate – to – Vigorous Activity

Park Brook is a school with a Focus on Fitness Initiative to increase academic growth and positive behaviors. Increasing fitness and movement is closely related to academic growth. Research about Focus on Fitness.

3. Eat Together Without the Television or Cell Phones

4. Get 9 – 11 Hours of Sleep

Find more sleep recommendations.

5. Limit and Supervise the use of Technology/Devices

Technology and devices can be a temptation for kids in their bedrooms, and there is also peer pressure. At night it is recommended that devices and televisions be kept outside of the rooms where kids sleep. During the school year we have dealt with students who are extremely tired because they have been up in the middle of the night on technology instead of sleeping.

Students have access to everything on the web. It is best to monitor as sometimes this is strictly by accident that students stumble upon websites that are not appropriate.

Group texts between students can easily lead to problems inside the school, whether it be from unkind words to misunderstandings.

From your principal,

Scott Taylor

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