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Caring support to help your child thrive academically and socially

Park Brook Elementary is a school with a Focus on Fitness to increase academic growth.  Our emphasis on physical fitness brings health benefits to students and supports academic achievement.

The building-wide schedule is designed to allow support staff to support students during core instruction and provide reading interventions during the intervention block. 

Interventions are provided for students of all ability levels, including those above grade level, to ensure students of all reading levels are making academic progress.

In kindergarten and 1st grade, additional support is provided to all students by the speech/language teacher to increase phonics and phonemic awareness proficiency. 

The building-wide schedule is designed to allow our additional math teacher to pull a group of 12 students out of the general education classroom to reduce the size of instruction groups.  This group of students works with grade-level standards and maintains the same pace as the general education classroom.  However, this group of 12 students works in a group with a math teacher AND ESP (Education Support Paraprofessional) to increase support.  This group of students also receives 30 minutes of pre-teaching intervention during the intervention block. The intervention teacher and math teacher work closely together to monitor student progress.

There is a math intervention block in most grades that allows students to participate in the pre-teaching intervention, receive special education services related to math that allows students to participate in core math instruction, or from the general education classroom teacher.

Park Brook Elementary students work on math fact fluency with 3-minute timed tests (grades 1 – 5) each month.  The purpose is to have students memorize math facts so that they can participate in math discussions and proficiently work math problems.

Students in grades 3 – 5 set goals along with action items.  The students set goals in reading, math, and physical fitness.  The goals and action steps are recorded in their individual planners.

Some schools call the C-Lab a Maker Space.  The idea is the same.  The C-Lab (Creativity Lab) is designed to allow students to simply create and think.  All students have the opportunity to self-select to participate in the C-Lab during recess every few weeks.

Physical Education and Music
Students participate in physical education and music every other day.

A student sits on an exercise ball at their desk

Woodworking is a part of the curriculum at Park Brook. Every grade level (Pre-K – 5) will go to the wood shop to build a project during the school year. The purpose is to provide a well-rounded education, increase vocabulary, and provide hands-on experiences.

Mr. Paul Strand is a dedicated volunteer who assists with the projects along with Mr. Nelson, Behavior Intervention Teacher. Mr. Strand is a retired 279 teacher and completed his student teaching at Park Brook in 1963.

Science/Social Studies/Health/Art
There is a block of time set aside to allow for instruction in these areas. There are times that these curricular areas are taught, or enhanced, through reading selections during the reading block, however, Park Brook Elementary utilizes the district selected curriculum for each of these subject matters.

Homework is not emphasized at Park Brook as research does not indicate that it is the most effective way to increase learning during the elementary years.

The following six (6) ways are encouraged to increase academic growth:

1. Read – Read to your child or have them read each day at home.
2. Eat – Enjoy eating together as a family without the television or cell phones.
3. Exercise – Get 60 minutes of physical movement/exercise (kids call it play) every day. Park Brook encourages outdoor playtime.
4. Sleep – Elementary age students need 9 – 11 hours of sleep every day.
5. Monitor and Limit technology.
6. Practice math facts. (Classroom teachers will provide information regarding addition, subtraction, or multiplication facts.)

During the school day students will be engaged in core curriculum and interventions to meet their needs, and the students do best if they are prepared for learning.

In some grades homework packets are provided as an option as parents have requested work to do as an option.

Outside of School Opportunities
Park Brook offers a robust menu of classes and weekend field trips to enhance learning, with many emphasizing fitness.

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