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Park Brook Elementary

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The Future is in Our Classrooms

Our Osseo Area Schools community is being asked to reinvest in district schools to maintain services and address growing needs.

Don't miss the next Community Informational Meeting on May 17.

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Students on a jungle gym smile at the camera
Park Brook students smile outside
A student smiles at the camera
girl participating in cardio drumming

Park Brook Elementary School gets energized with cardio drumming. 

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Upcoming Events

Focus on Fitness

students and staff at girls on the run 5k

Park Brook Elementary has a schoolwide Focus on Fitness that aims to increase academic growth and offers health benefits to students. Before- and after-school programs provide opportunities for students to be active. Each school day begins with a "Brain Boost" to prepare scholars for learning, and mission-driven teachers incorporate additional activities throughout the day to keep students focused and engaged in learning.

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